Custom Wire Forms

Since 1947, Ohio Wire Form & Spring has been committed to providing products that meet our customer’s demands with excellent customer service.  Custom Wire Forms are and always have been our specialty for decades.  Below you’ll find some of our capabilities, and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom Wire Form Types

Custom Utility Hooks

Ohio Wire Form and Spring Company can create a variety of different custom Utility Hooks, including J-Hooks, S-Hooks, and more.  Fast turnaround times and pristine quality.

Custom Hooks

From Swivel Hooks to Extension Hooks, our team at Ohio Wire Form and Spring Company has decades of experience creating every type of custom hook possible.  Contact us and we can get your project in the queue in no time.

Medical Grade Custom Wire Forms

The Medical Industry has endless needs for custom wire forms, and we can create them all.  Our quality control department will work with your standards to create a perfect product.

Power Tool Custom Wire Forms

Ohio Wire Form and Spring Company works with dozens of power tool specs and manufacturers to create high end accessories and tools to help you get the job done.

Cutting Edge Equipment

We only use the highest quality of Custom Wire Forming machines.  To see a gallery of our equipment visit our equipment page.

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Custom Wire Capabilities Summary

Materials: Round, Square, Profiled, Flat

Common Round Sizes, But Not Limited To: Size
.023-.500 inch     .6-13mm .062-.250inch 1.57-6.35mm


Common types, but not limited to:
Stainless steel types 17-7, 316, 302, 304 Inconel
Carbon   Hard Drawn, Oil Tempered, Music wire, Low Carbon types 1008, 1010, 1018 Copper, Brass, Bronze
Aluminum Titanium


Some of Our Favorites:

Forming | CNC | Four Slide | Press | Custom Operations | Full Service Custom In-House Tooling | Thread Rolling and Thread Cutting | Welding- Mig, Tig, Resistance | Powder Coating | Coating | Plating


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